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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I'm so Lucky..Thanx to Adorable Muslimah

Yayyyy...Alhamdulillah.. I'm speechless...Not logon to my mail for about a week, suddenly tergerak hati nak buka email..Siapa yang gerakkan hati? Semestinya, ALLAH..=) ok..this is absolutely not a religious ceramah or watsoever.. Nextttttt....

I entered my mail..eyh..ada email from Adorable Muslimah.. My heart was beating fast.. Ya Allah...menang..Alhamdulillah... As my clicks and frenz knew dat I alwiz entered the competition which we must collect frenz and family to LIKE or VOTE our pic.. I have entered Pantene, Herbal Essences, etc.. hampir sume contest saya join..Haha.,.Hobi di masa lapang la katakan...So rakan2 blogger, kalau ada contest, do invite me.. =)

Cant wait for the parcel to arrive (I'll update once I get the parcel ok!).. Actually i had demanded for a purple and turqoise scarves.. but within only an hour, they replied, they have wrapped the parcel earlier and it will be black and maroon scarves.. Despite my sadness not having my favourite colour, I smiled.. THIS HAD BEEN PROVED!! Can you see how fast they really work on their order/parcel?... No wonder there were tremendous of positive testimonials commenting on their fast service.. Now I believe..=)

I had another RM10 voucher to redeem.. Admiring their couch bags, sadly I cant afford it.. Sob3..Any sponsor?haha..

Currently flipping through all the albums.. Rambang mata.. I want it all!!.. Seriously..Even the telekung looks nice to me..=) ... Duit oh Duit Mana kau...$$$

Come and Shop with Adorable Muslimah.. You wont regret..=)


mama ju, said...

Salam , jumpa lagi dr mama,

Alinkiwi said...

hye mama...=)

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