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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Perception On Yuna

Ok..i think semua kenal Yuna..a well known person..even my granny pon kenal Yuna..Mula popular dgn lagu "Dan Sebenarnya"..

Hmm...nak dikatakan..i'm not a big fans of on 2011 kot...totally forgot the date, Digi ada buat konsert...Yuna's Secret Concert ..yang ada tulis..Digi.."Which berry are you?"...ingat x? ..So my sister got a ticket for me..Being a so so fans of Yuna..i said.."Oklah..since I pun xde keje...i teman u g tgok Yuna's concert"...Dat is my first time tgok Yuna LIVE...wowww..xtaw sebab pe..tetibe jadi minat giler...and saya jadi teruja bila some of Yuna's die hard fans siap hafal hampir the whole album nyer lyrics..Even Chinese and Indian too...and I only hafal lagu "Dan sebenarnya"...-___- Memang excited nak ambil gambar bagai dgn Yuna time tu..for kenang2an la kan plus bukti i jumpe sebab ada press conference after the niat terbatal.....balik dgn hampa on dat day...

Referring to my previous post, i had joined this some sort of fashion show, organized by Women Of Malaysia...A couple of days before event, we received a gudnews from Syafiqah, the founder of WoM, dat Yuna will be joining us at the Runway...And kali ni mmg betul2 i niat nak ambil gmbr..dengan wat muka xmalu dan xde kamera di tangan, i suruh my frens captured the picture of us..Yeayyy....hajar tercapai..Thanx farhana for the pic..

There's one moment yang memang cute giler...Bila Yuna turun dari bilik persalinan, opposite our hall, there's a wedding reception...Wedding or Engangement..I'm not sure..Tp ada la budak2 kecik act as flower girl...Keep on yelling..."Yuna..We LOVE You",,,xputus2...and Yuna sibuk nak layan model die...sibuk jugak nak layan budak2 kecik plus parents diorg...xnask hampakan peminat la katakan..And from what i observed, no wonder ramai suka die...she's very polite..even salam siap cium tangan dengan org yang lebih tua..Her mom had trained her well..=) And I can see even die dah penat bergambar, yet she's still putting a smile on her face... There's on part ada makcik tu cakap."Yuna...u look very beautiful in person.."...Apakah maksud makcik itu??ok abaikan,...

Saya yang rendah diri with Yuna yang tinggi dan selim melim...She's very stylo...and fashionista..

Short Note To Yuna...I LOVE YOU...and kenapa tinggi and kurus sangat..saya sangat jeles...;p She's really an ICON to the teenagers...=)

Do visit her shop...IamJetfuelShop and my shop too LeensCloset (nak juga..;p)


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just Love the Veil Art!

Event: Women Of Malaysia 1st Anniversary
Venue: Kelab Golf Pekhidmatan Awam

Presentinggg......The veil art new collections...

Alinkiwi is wearing a charcoal khuffiyah..

With the Veil Art designer and owner (Jamie) and...Me...Wearing 70's Jeans Skirt...
It makes me look slim..awww..double LIKE..;p
Jamie just came back from Maldives and yet she looks energetic and young!!
I bet u guys cant guess her real age..;p
Its so nice working with her..=)

Grab It Now..Sold Fast..;p

Veil Art Vs IAmJetfuel..
ok..i'm the shortest..;p not wearing any heels...instead wearing a boots from Egypt..
So proud wearing it..

Sorry the picture are not very clear..

cc: Thanc Syafiqa, the WoM founder for the great moments...
You makes me inspired little sistahhh!!


Thursday, May 3, 2012

Why do you want to excite your senses with LG Cinema 3D Smart TV

Dengar je nama LG...terus bersemangat tulis entry..Cant wait to be one the the first of Malaysia to watch this LG Cinema 3D Smart TV.and yeahhh..i ABSOLUTELY wanna win and attend the party!!

Can you imagine..the motto "Life's Good" really suits this company..Every product that they produce had a WOW factor and they always try to invent new technology in order to make our life's feels good.....

Complete with Lightweight glasses (pakai kacamata 3D pon rasa mcm xpakai coz sangat ringan..), cool 3D effects (I can feel like I'm acting in the movie ;p..), and ultimate viewing experience makes me really wanna feel the excitement of viewing this LG Cinema 3D Smart TV. Selalu kalau nak tengok 3D, we had to spent quite expansive movie tickets just to watch and feel the realism of the movie..but now, LG had bought the dream of 'Kaki wayang 3D' comes true by just watchinh 4D at home..=)

I can say most of my time being spend by watching TV (proved by my family..;p) from I wake up every morning, till its around 3pm when there's a Negaraku songs being played (menandakan sudah tamat siaran), I'll automatically switch to TV3 which is 24 hours (since there's no Astro in my house)..Life will be much better and more excitement if there's a LG Cinema 3D Smart TV in my house..Ahhh..lagi melekat la kat rumah tgok TV..:p

and's loaded with the virtually limitless entertainment capabilities and it will be tremendously fun!!..I can invite all my friends and family to my house..Lets share the excitement!!

For more information, click


Bob Kuman Meninggal Dunia

Dunia Hiburan dikejutkan lagi dengan berita kematian Bob Kuman..Jika dulu, berita itu hanyalah khabar angin (21 April 2012), tetapi hari ini, kakitangan ambulan Hospital Sungai Buloh telah mengesahkan berita kematian Bob Kuman jam 4.38 petang tadi...

Al-Fatihah..Moga ditempatkan di kalangan orang beriman. Amiin..


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