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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Just Love the Veil Art!

Event: Women Of Malaysia 1st Anniversary
Venue: Kelab Golf Pekhidmatan Awam

Presentinggg......The veil art new collections...

Alinkiwi is wearing a charcoal khuffiyah..

With the Veil Art designer and owner (Jamie) and...Me...Wearing 70's Jeans Skirt...
It makes me look slim..awww..double LIKE..;p
Jamie just came back from Maldives and yet she looks energetic and young!!
I bet u guys cant guess her real age..;p
Its so nice working with her..=)

Grab It Now..Sold Fast..;p

Veil Art Vs IAmJetfuel..
ok..i'm the shortest..;p not wearing any heels...instead wearing a boots from Egypt..
So proud wearing it..

Sorry the picture are not very clear..

cc: Thanc Syafiqa, the WoM founder for the great moments...
You makes me inspired little sistahhh!!


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