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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Style Your Hijab Like Shea Rasol

Ok...what i would love to share today is how to style like shea..who is dis shea? she's actually a fashion blogger who really inspired me..sopan yet still looks fashionable..some blogger did fashion..but too awkward to really famous..but her fashion likes kinda seramai to me..i think if u loves to read a fashion blog (Malaysia especially), u might know who (even my friend can easily guess).;p...actually shea dah post lama pasal benda nh..and i even dah pernah guna dis fashion time i did my Runaway would love to share how she style her hijab which i think quite easy and looks neat..I'm kinda not suits with hana tajima or the turban by yuna..i dont know..maybe not suits my face..or i have low confidence bila tgok org pakai..mmg cantik..=)

So...grab your shawl cepat..nak tunjuk tutorial nh..=)

and my result...tadaaa~~

ok la tu..haha..

me with our hijab style..=) 
what's wrong with my mouth?somethng wrong somewhere..haha

selamat ber-copy-cat...


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