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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Lemak Dkongsi Bersama @ Strawberry Fields

Today i went hang out wif my frenz..suddently her friends told me dats I dah kurus..I was like WHATT??Seriously??Oh noo...Then bagi menggantikan lemak yang hilang (memang xbley blah statement nh..then bile gemuk balik..bising~~), After watching movie Sherlock Holmes, we went to Strawberry Fields around PJ.

This was my first time when to this restaurant...There were many of peeps enjoying their meals here..No wonder lahh... My friends said the price was reasonable and the food taste good....=)

I guess the owner likes The Beatles pretty much..=)

The Beatles as the Wallpaper..oh ya..can u see the frame? at ur left? its Jehan guys!!
my frenz told me that she saw Jehan dat day (dunno when is da date)..
hm..maybe this is one of Jehan's fav restaurant..maybe..who knows..=)

Affordable price...

Place ur order please~~

Recommended..Anything with butter..So since it is supper, I choose spaghetti instead of rice...(padahal dedua pon menggemukkan..haha..;p)

This one I dun understand..Can somebody explain this word to me??A colour blind cafe??
What is the relationship between this cafe and the colour blind people.Are they using the basic colours that the colour blind people cannot differentiate?

Ok now..Lets see what I have ordered...

for the drinks, we recommended anything with vanilla..choc vanilla, vanilla shake etc..But since vanilla n chocolate are out of stock, we had choosed Strawberry Milk Float and Cookies and Choc Ice Blended..The taste of Cookies and Choc is almost the same as Cool Blog Oreo but they do not hv any jelly thingy..haha...

This one is Strawberry French Toast..At first, i taught its a chilli sauce..I was wrong..its a sweet strawberry sauce..=)

I do not really like this menu as the bread was oily and cepat muak..

Ok..This is nice...Spaghetti with Butter cream chicken..See..I told ya..u wont regret as long as the butter name are there..hahah

So if u r searching for a good food, I would recommend this restaurant. What I like most about this restaurant is the workers are all friendly and hardworking.. If u can see, the environment there are clean and relaxing..

So..ape tunggu lagi..lets go to:

Kafe Strawberry Fields
(behind OCBC bank, facing Menara MPPJ)
14 Jalan Tengah, PJ
Tel : 03-7960 1268 

And of coz ots HALAL..=)

total amount for two rite..=)


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